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The American singer-songwriter and TikTok celebrity jxdn is coming to Trix with his 'WHEN THE MUSIC STOPS TOUR'!
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Jxdn, originally known as Jaden Isaiah Hossler, is a remarkable figure who found his way to fame through TikTok, where he established an influential presence. His transition to the music world proved to be a smart move, with his song "Comatose" garnering over 15 million streams in just a month's time. This success caught the attention of Travis Barker from blink-182, leading to a collaboration.

After releasing his infectious and highly acclaimed debut album 'Tell Me About Tomorrow' in 2021, jxdn experienced a period of personal loss, mental struggle, and addiction. Nevertheless, in these dark times, he also found a newfound self-awareness and identity. Armed with this wisdom and a clear vision for the future, jxdn is now fully prepared for what lies ahead.

His second album 'WHEN THE MUSIC STOPS' is expected on June 28th, which appears to be a promising step in his artistic journey. With a new tour on the horizon, jxdn is determined to further explore and harness his potential as an artist. His rise as a young talent is undeniable and promises many more remarkable achievements in the future.

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