/ Clara Lissens + Milan W.


Rare singer-songwriter who's inspired by Cave, Cohen and Nick Drake.

/ 07.30 pm: doors
/ 08.15 pm - 08.45 pm: Clara Lissens + Milan W.
/ 09.15 pm - 10.15 pm: Loverman

For fans of

Leonard Cohen, Nick Drake, Tindersticks, Timber Timbre


Captain Spock ears, a pale, dead-like face, a hypnotizing stare and two fang-like teeth who look rather cute than threatening. The opening shot of Loverman’s video for ‘Into the Night’ immediately recalls F.W. Murnau’s thrilling 1920’s masterpiece ‘Nosferatu’. Dark and frightening, but on closer look, anxious and fragile.

The initial shock quickly makes room for pure wonder when a lonely guitar starts strumming gently and you hear that dark, deep and alluring voice singing; “All I ever do seems so long overdue. My eyes they swell and I can’t tell if anyone can see me like you do”

The camera pulls out, lush and melancholic strings arise and the vampire minstrel runs away along the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris. It’s a weird and wonderful intro to a stunning and otherworldly yet heartfelt debut single, out now on [PIAS] Recordings. A first taste of a body of work that pulls on the same heartstrings as the wonderful dark folk anthems of Timber Timbre, the late-night ballads of Tindersticks and the classic songs of Cave, Cohen and Drake (Nick that is).

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Clara Lissens + Milan W.

Clara Lissens and Milan W. join forces at Loverman's request.