The electronic music project of Hester Bolle (Oaktree) and Anne van de Star shares a first glimpse of a brand new immersive experience they are working on.

In January 2022 MONOMONO will start their residency in Trix by collaborating with Berlin-based video artist and vj Phil Schöll (Weltraum Grafik). Together they work on an audio-visual live translation of their album ICON, which came out in 2021 on the Diffuse Reality label. The music was inspired by the biographies of iconic women such as Medusa, Marie Curie, Joan of Arc,... as described by poets like Carol Anne Duffy, writers like Virginia Woolf and painters like Georgia O'Keefe.

Together with Phil, MONOMONO explores how to extend this world of sound into a hyper-digital and abstract universe.

Expect an immersive experience in which sound, sound and image together form a danceable, experimental whole.

/For this project, vj Phil Schöll is supported by the German GvL (Gesellschaft zur Verwertung von Leistungsschutzrechten)

For fans of

Kelly Lee Owens / Arca / Coucou Chloe


MONOMONO is an electronic music duo, that creates dark post post post-electro. MONOMONO unites lush sounds with experimental vocals, violin, synths and electronic beats. MONOMONO finds inspiration in the deconstruction of different forms of communication, both digital and analog, in a female empowered era.

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