/ J3M3I


His musical adventure is one with psychedelic folk jams and woozy electronica, after maturing for several years in Soulwax's DEEWEE studios.

/ 19u30: doors
/ 20u15 - 20u45: J3m3l
/ 21u15 - 22u15: Movulango

For fans of

Soulwax / James Righton / Bolis Pupul / ASA MOTO


Movulango’s electropop, and its influences from far and wide, has any room buzzing with energy.


J3M3I was born in Brussels about 3 years ago. The team is made up of Jean on drums, who composes and sings, Judy on vocals, and Jacob on bass. Between saturated male cries and surreal female vocals, unstructured jazz bass lines are superimposed. J3M3I establishes a rhythmic music with a mysterious and dancing universe. Dialogues tinged with humor, on experimental music with pop/punk influences.

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