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Made his mark on the Turkish and Dutch rap scene with hits like 'Boynumdaki Chain' and 'AYA'

/ 7.30 pm: doors open
/ 9.00 pm - 10.15 pm: Murda

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Murda, is a Turkish rapper from the Netherlands. Önder grew up with international influences and has lived in Turkey, Spain and the Netherlands, among others. At an early age he discovered his love for Hip-Hop. Shortly after signing, he released his first project called ‘Turkse Pizza EP’ which is entirely produced by SirOJ. Murda played the lead role in the successful Dutch-spoken film 'Gangsterboys' and subsequently released his album 'De Kassier: Een Monnie Album'. In 2019 the album 'Baba' was released, an ode to his newborn daughter. That same year, he met Ezhel, a Turkish rapper who had been watching him since 2008. In September 2019 they released 'Boynumdaki Chain' together and shortly after that 'AYA', a track that later became one of the biggest hits in Turkey. The click between the two artists was there from the first moment they both entered the studio. The subsequent release 'Bi Sonraki Hayatimda Gel' became another hit and the gentlemen decided in August 2020 to drop an album together.

In the meantime, Murda scored a number 1 hit in Turkey with his solo track 'Eh Baba' (besides the other times he stood on number 1 with Ezhel) and released his solo album in February of 2020: 'Do─ča'. The album with Ezhel is one of the most played albums in Turkey and Murda can be seen as part of the established order. With over 750 million streams and 900 million views on his videos there is not a Turk in the world who does not know one of his songs.

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