Piffy EP Release Show
/ Kiche / Egidius

Piffy EP Release Show

Step, or no, dance along in Piffy's world. It's a wonderful stay. Debut EP presentation!

/ 07.30 pm: doors
/ 08.00 pm - 08.45 pm: Kiche
/ 09.00 pm - 09.30 pm: Piffy
/ 09.45 pm - 10.15 pm: 3gidius


Piffy is not a popstar. She’s the mother of bats and the daughter of beats, writes smooth melodies and bangs big kicks. The perfect music to dance and cry to at the same time. There is no one like anyone. Though she believes a piffer is someone that feels as hard and cares as much as she does. A piffer has the mind of a nerd and the eyes of a child, the ability to be an expressive introvert or an awkward entertainer with clumsy limbs that go places.

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Kiche finds balance in bouncy club music and abstract electronica. Drawing influence from internet’s maximalist nature, he navigates between chaos and joy. His new release 'ceremony' features collage-like compositions, crisp melodies and jovial rhythms that jump in and out of stability. 

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Egidius has been playing music since an early age. Transitioning from the guitar, he started experimenting with synths during the pandemic. Two years later, he released his first EP, followed by subsequent releases, including his debut album last winter. During his live sets, he takes the audience on a musical journey, singing and playing synthesizers and guitar, accompanied by his own music. His style ranges from melodic techno to electronic dreampop, characterized by its harmonious blend of melodies.

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