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Dutch Altpop navigating the waters of life

/ 7.30 pm: doors open
/ 8.00 pm - 8.30 pm: SIM-OJ
/ 9.00 pm - 10.15 pm: S10

For fans of

Paul Sinha / Dave Budha / Tabitha


S10, Stien den Hollander's stage persona, has established herself as the crown princess of Dutch alt pop. The 21-year-old artist shares her most personal stories through song, rap and spoken word. S10 authentic sound and musical versatility are impressive. She signed her first record deal with label Noahs Ark at the age of 17. Enabling her to record her debut album "Snowsniper", which duly won the Netherlands’ most prestigious music award, an Edison, in the category ‘Alternative’. Her second album "Vlinders" was released a year later, in 2020, and was followed by a sold-out tour and high chart placings. In 2022 she dropped her most recent album "Ik Besta voor Altijd Zolang Jij Aan Mij Denkt".

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