iaw OLT Rivierenhof


With their new EP 'Oh, Shht!' under the arm, the band will again prove why their live performances are nothing less than legendary.
For fans of

It It Anita / The Guru Guru / Hypochristmutreefuzz / Onmens


Shht returns with a fresh and more straightforward sound, still sounding remarkably distinct to anything else. You could say the intergalactic sound of previous Shht encounters has landed on planet Earth. The new rawness is still countered by a playful and joyous synth universe along with a more simplistic approach on groove, saving outbursts for a few dynamic key points.

Shht is notoriously known for their energetic, participative live shows and with this new era that remains unchanged. As per usual their sound still crosses all boundaries of genres. From noise to kraut rock to David Byrnian pop and even some Wagnerian classhhticism, all the while pertaining a consistent sound unique to Shht.

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