Smash Into Pieces
/ Cyan Kicks

Smash Into Pieces

/ 7.00 pm: doors
/ 8.00 pm - 8.35 pm: Cyan Kicks
/ 9.00 pm - 10.10 pm: Smash Into Pieces

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Smash Into Pieces

Cyan Kicks

The Helsinki, Finland-based quartet Cyan Kicks plays anthemic electronic modern rock with a touch of northern melancholia. Susanna Alexandra's emotive vocals soar clean and tempered, frail and heartfelt, and the tight interplay of authentic bass and drums with tasteful electronic effects and breakbeats provide a driving pulse and dramatic ebb and flow dynamic that keeps the listeners on the edges of their seats.
 The band carefully honed their craft to perfection with seven successive singles before dropping their debut album I Don't Love You in 2019 and got deservedly nominated for an Emma Award (the Finnish GRAMMY equivalent) in the Best Rock Album category. 
 And it's not like their standards are lowering: they've kept on dropping high-quality material with their new EP ”Not Your Kind” including the singles "Wish You Well", "Beat Of My Heart", and "The Flood".  
 Cyan Kicks is working with their second full-length album, planned to be released in 2023

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