Sound Track: de finale!
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Sound Track: de finale!

The Antwerp final of the third edition of Sound Track, the stage and opportunity trail for artists with talent and ambition.

Hundreds of artists tried their luck at Sound Track, the live sector and VI.BE's live and opportunity trail. From all the entries, the professional jury chose a total of 136 artists who were allowed to present theirselves live during the preliminary rounds to prove that they really are the sound of tomorrow.

During the weekends of October, 24 Antwerp artists presented themselves at Jeugdhuis Wollewei (Turnhout), Concertzaak (Mechelen), Het Bos (Antwerp) and Jeugdhuis De Moeve (Lier). The choice was extremely difficult, but the jury has decided. These 8 artists will defend Antwerp's pride during the final on December 18 in Trix:

- Deadbeat Larry
- Emma Hessels
- Imaginary Sister
- Mojo & The Kitchen Brothers
- plush baby
- Rapha
- Scottie

- 6 pm: doors open
- 7 pm: start first act
- 11 pm: end of last act
- 11.30 pm: announcement winners
- the running order of the finalists will be announced on the evening of the final

Not only the professional jury, but also the public has a say this year: thanks to Lotto, there is also a public prize. In each region, Lotto hands out a check for 1,000 euros to the artist that will be named the crowd favorite of the evening.

After winning, the laureates chosen by the jury will start a tailor-made program: they will have a year full of personal guidance, coaching and support from the broad music sector, residencies in music clubs, support from graphic artists and photographers, recording time in professional studios, national exposure, foreign showcases and shows and much more. Each of them gets the chance to develop at their own pace.

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In collaboration with VI.BE, Studio Brussel, De Standaard, Knack Focus, Dansende Beren, Indiestyle and Luminous Dash.

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Brand new Antwerp musical talent

DeadBeat Larry

Deadbeat Larry is the musical by-product of a corporate burnout, after 10+ years under various monikers and bands in the UK, Larry returns to his native Belgium, where a few singles were immediately picked up by 'Abattoir Anvers' (Studio Brussels), and joined the tour went with Zwangere Guy and Lander Ghyselinck.

In May 2023 he dropped his solo EP ''Voor de centjes'' with features from Zwangere Guy, Pasi, Luie Louis, Scottie, Calya J, Joelle Francis, and more.

In Trix he is working on a new album.

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Emma Hessels

Emma Hessels is a 22-year-old singer from Antwerp. In her bedroom she makes small songs in which she sings about great, universal feelings such as love and loneliness. Her music is a search for identity and recognition. That searching aspect also translates into her sound, which is difficult to label with one genre. Only her soulful voice is a constant throughout her modest oeuvre. At the moment, that voice mainly sounds between two walls, but she hopes to expand her project soon with a band with which she can perform her music live.

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Imaginary Sister

Antwerp indie folk duo Imaginary Sister creates silhouettes of songs with minimalist arrangements and a softly rustling voice.

“Everything could just as well have been different, and that which is is therefore no more important than that which is not”.

Kathy Vanhout and Vik Hardy wrote and recorded their debut album in a falling apart apartment on the Antwerp Leien, between dusty books, plants and creaking floors. With microphones aimed at peeling walls, the character of the space is an indispensable reality on the album.

The title of the album "We became quite good at hesitating" refers to the years of working together, hesitating, scrapping and starting over from the duo that decided after 8 years to embrace pure and raw creativity. The result is a collection of sketchy short stories, sung in whispers by a voice that is at times reminiscent of Hope Sandoval or Jane Birkin.

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Mojo & The Kitchen Brothers

Drift off to the five-headed Mojo & The Kitchen Brothers’ progrock. Their music will have you in a delicious limbo between current and passed times.

plush baby

The duo Caitlin Talbut (BLOND, BLUAI) and Nicolas Anné (Saving Nico) produce crystal clear, energetic pop songs about growing up in your twenties in an increasingly crazy world. Strange themes captured in the most recognizable feelings. Wonderfully rolling melodies, the right dose of drama and humor. 2023 Soundtrack Finalist.


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Born in 2001, RAPHA was rooted in music from an early age and has nurtured her talent to build a successful career in music. Being a young musician and already making waves, RAPHA was unsure whether to pursue music professionally. Nevertheless, in 2019, she registered with Fabric Magic, where she sang in a choir. Fabric Magic presented an opportunity for her to sharpen her music skills and take her career a notch higher. After a year in the choir, RAPHA emerged winner in the MNM rising star competition held in october 2020, and from that encounter, she gathered the much-needed courage to go solo into an unknown career path in the music world. In the summer of 2021, she bought a Ukulele and began writing her own songs.

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Hertier Hitimana, better known as Scottie, is an Antwerp-based rapper, singer, and producer. At the age of 12, Scottie begins making beats and writing lyrics. The young artist is influenced by various genres including African music, soul, and 90s/00s hip-hop. His broad musical taste and unique vocal style already establish him as one of the most versatile hip-hop artists in Belgium.

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WASTE is a metaphorical cry of destructiveness and melancholy. Their call resonates through the Antwerp - Aarschot music scene, whilst their true nature exists of flaming noise, grunge and dark post-punk.

Expect melancholic vocals with manic outbursts, tight pumping drums, heavy basslines and screeching guitars when watching this band tear down the stage.

Stories of neglect, rage, madness and trauma flow together in a spicy cocktail of insanity. The dark and unspoken realms of the world, served on a silver platter.

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