Time To Dub presents: Waga Waga

Time To Dub presents: Waga Waga

Time To Dub brings their soundsystem to Trix and takes over the space for a night of reggae and dub.

Attention all reggae, dub, and soundsystem people! TimeToDub Soundsystem will be hosting their first session at Trix! With their new upgraded soundsystem they will bring you vibes like never before.

Time To Dub, the youthful crew, rewind dub soundsystems to their roots! Armed with vinyl spins and a hefty stash of bass bins, they're bringing the bash to Trix!

Time To Dub presents: 

  • Waga Waga crew 
  • Rootspressure 
  • Birch Root Soundsystem 
  • MC Shadrach 
  • MC Jacky Roots

One of the MC´s for this dub session is MC Shadrach. MC Shadrach (aka Cedric) is going to bring lyrical guidance through the session! Last edition in Vizit with Earthquaker Soundsystem he already showed he is ready to bring a peaceful, uplifting and rightful message to everybody who is ready to hear it.

Birch Root Crew

In a varied selection that can range from roots to digital steppers, the message is central. A message that can be proclaimed acapella as well as hidden in the subtler undertones of Reggae music. The mystical is hidden in certain frequencies, and that is the vibe that Shiva Sativa tries to convey. A selection in the theme of love, intentional awareness and perseverance.

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Waga Waga Crew

Straight from the heart of Geel, Belgium, Waga Waga Sound System is bringing you the ultimate reggae and dub experience with their signature sounds and infectious rhythm's! Known for hosting Wadada festival, the dubcorner at Space Safari, Rise up 3 and many more! The guys behind  the Red, Gold & Green Dub Machine will be playing a two hour set on the TimeToDub Soundsystem. 

Special Guest-MC for the Waga Waga's selection: Jacky Roots.
Prepare to be mesmerized by the lyrical powerness and energy of MC Jacky Roots as he will guide you through a musical journey like no other!

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Roel is a legend in the Antwerp and Belgium dub scene. Started in 2015, I-Topia provided records for all who wanted the newest and latest reggae/dub songs in their collection! Many soundsystems are thankfull for the firm foundation he provided. He also has an amazing knowledge about reggae and dub music and is not affraid to show this in his sets! Be ready, Rootspressure is one of the finest selectors there is. 

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