Tippy Igrade
/ workshop & dubfeest

Tippy Igrade

An unforgettable dub experience awaits (workshop + nightlife).

/ 20u00-22u00 : Workshop : ART OF LIVE DUB TECHNICS
/ 22u00-24u00 :  Jah Heavy Load  X Blackbird Sound
/ 24u00-02u30  : AKAE BEKA SPECIAL by Tippy I Grade
/ 02u30-05u00 : Jah Heavy Load X Blackbird Sound 

What is live dub? More dynamic than a sound system session, more immersive than a stage show - live dub mixing is a unique art form that allows the mixing engineer to craft extemporaneous soundscapes with multi-tracked music arrangements, using echoes, reverbs, and other effects as brushes on the musical canvas. Paired with skilled vocalists, live dub becomes an unforgettable musical experience.

In this workshop, we go through the technicalities, equipment, all the ins and outs for live dub mixing! Each One Teach One

  • The workshop starts at 20:00 and lasts for 1.5 hours.


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Tippy I Grade

TIPPY I GRADE, a live dub mix engineer and producer from St. Croix, VI, rocks the stage with his killer dub mixes! He's famous for jamming with Vaughn Benjamin of Midnite/Akae Beka. He brings studio vibes live, spinning tracks from his and 'Zion I Kings' awesome catalog. Mixing classic Jamaican dub with modern tech from his "Dub in the Rainforest" gigs, Tippy I Grade delivers a dub experience like no other!

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Jah Heavy Load

Jah Heavy Load is a Reggae Roots Dub Soundsystem hailing from Antwerp, Belgium. It consists of Reflexian, Sonik & Spliff Well Fat. They operate on their fully custom homecrafted soundsystem and played numerous festivals in Belgium(Couleurcafe, Dourfestival, Reggaebus,Reggaegeel ...) Also they organise their own dance called Dubfest since 2014 where they invite national Artists, Soundsystems, Producers, Singers such as Kingstep, Crucial Alphonso, Youth & Truth,  Reggaebus...and international artists such as Jah Ragga (uk),Natural High Dubs (FR) Alpha Steppa (uk), Dub Conductor (uk),RDH hifi (FR) Vibronics(uk), Omar Perry (JA) , Sinai Soundsystem(UK)...

 As a label they already release a 12"vinyl  by their producer Sonik featering Mowty Mahlyka & Naytcha. They wil bring Roots till Steppers Selection and many exclusive homegrown Sonik tunes and special Dubplates.

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Blackbird sound

Four friends with a passion for reggae, a lot of patience and sound experiments. That’s all it takes to create a soundsystem. Blackbird takes you on a trip of reggae history. So put on your dancing shoes and come along!

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