Two Another
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Two Another

A mix of soul, alternative R&B and electronica all tanned under the Australian Sun

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Two Another

The origins of Two Another’s global story lie under the Australian sun. Angus, born in the UK, and Eliot, in the US, connected through the at their school in Sydney. They quickly bonded over a mutual love for D’Angelo, Daft Punk and Danger Mouse. After school they found themselves traveling across Europe, making music in different cities before finally coming together in London to form Two Another in 2015.

After hundreds of millions of streams and a number of successful bodies of work, notably ‘Another Tape’ and their debut album ‘Back To Us,’ they embark on their most ambiguous project to date.

Their latest offering is Freshman, the first EP from their upcoming album. It's a coming of age story that explores the trials and tribulations of a character growing up in the suburbs in the final four years of school. The album consists of four EP’s; Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior.

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From funky Balearic to sexy Italo to banging house. If it gets the body moving the Funcadafi brothers have it in their musical library. While they don’t live toghether anymore, these two brother are never not discussing music or looking for new and forgotten gems. Inspired by their dad’s music collection these two keep on pushing the limit’s of every genre and are ready to take you on a journey with stops in various genres of electronic music.

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