Uche Yara

Uche Yara

From psychedelic rock, to pop, and R&B with driving guitar solos and remarkably wide-ranging vocals. Uche Yara does it all!

07.30 pm: deuren open
08.30 pm - 09.30 pm: Uche Yara

/ HiFive
Concert series of international acts in the Trix Café on the verge of a breakthrough. The admission price is deliberately kept low by € 5. However, if you buy more than one ticket in advance, they will become even cheaper! For example, you will only pay € 15 for five tickets. Quality does not always have to be expensive. HiFive!


For fans of

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Uche Yara

UCHE YARA blasts her playful and energetic flirt with genres your way. The Australian artist started her musical journey with percussion, through guitar she later found her way to songwriting. Landing her first single “www she hot” on top of the charts, the 20 year old claimed her spot in the scene. Her latest single “Sophie” has a catchy beat and equally captivating 90s guitars.

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