Eskimo Callboy
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Eskimo Callboy

De Duitse band Eskimo Callboy maakt een dikke mix van metalcore en posthardore, met een flinke dosis techno en geeft daarmee een geheel eigen twist aan het hardcore genre.

Statement Eskimo Callboy:

"Without you, we couldn’t have achieved all this at all. And we just wanted to let you know, that you are the reason for all our motivation in this time, and that we’re all still on fire. And we really think, it would be the right time for us to give something back to you… a good live show for example?!

That’s gonna be the biggest and craziest Eskimo Callboy tour we ever played. And even if the latest news about covid maybe already made you expect the following, it absolutely hits us so hard right now, that after a very long toing and froing, after endless discussions with bookers and promoters, we have to inform you, that we are unable to keep up the tour dates in January as they were originally planned.

Yeah sadly not. It’s not only about all the relevant regulations at the moment… the most important reason is our health, yours ours… our promoters have to stick to all the covid measures, we also have to, and even more complicated is the fact that due to the fact that this is gonna be a European tour we have to reconcile all the different national measures. BUT…

And this makes our hearts a little less heavy, we put our backs into finding a good solution for you guys, and for us as well of course, to simply not have to postpone our tour too far to the future. We fought, we begged, we were a pain in the ass of many, many people. And so we could find new dates in April and May 2022 already.

And please be sure, we definitely know, that this means a big hassle for many of you maybe.., We know that some of you maybe have taken a vacation from work, booked a hotel or already planned a sleepover for their kids… and this means a big rescheduling as well. But be sure, we’re in this together, and we really don’t wanna loose our good vibes, that we are known for.

That’s very important to us, even in bad times, in times when things don’t go according to plan, we always wanna keep up the good vibes. When you look at the dates, its just 3 months later, we can do it! Let’s say we get a good bit more of this pleasant anticipation we already feel.

And not to forget, the tickets of course remain valid, and also our finnish friends are still with us. So pretty much everything will stay as it was, just the dates have changed… please have a look at them real quick, we really hope this works for you!

Yeah and finally, we only can tell you once again, we absolutely cant wait to finally see you all again, and to finally enter the stage again. We hope you still stick with us, cause we’re ready!"

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Eskimo Callboy

Kort na de introductie van hun nieuwe zanger Nico Sallach, voormalig lead zanger van de band To the Rats and Wolves, kondigde Eskimo Callboy een nieuw nummer aan 'HYPA HYPA', wat de eerste single is van hun nieuwe EP MMXX en misschien ook wel het Party Metalcore Anthem van 2020! Volgens de band bevat de nieuwe EP alle energie die ze in deze rare tijd niet konden overbrengen via het podium. Een EP die het begin markeert van een nieuw hoofdstuk voor de band. Eén zonder compromissen, want dat is waar het Eskimo Callboy om gaat! Ze kunnen dan ook niet wachten om de party eindelijk weer met jullie samen te vieren in Trix. Zet je dansschoenen maar vast klaar!

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Blind Channel

Blind Channel is een post-hardcore band uit Oulu, Finland. De band omschrijft hun muziekstijl als "violent pop." Ze vertegenwoordigden Finland op het Eurovisie Songfestival 2021 met het nummer 'Dark Side' en eindigden daarmee op een zeer verdienstelijke zesde plaats.

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One Morning Left

One Morning Left is een Finse metalcore band opgericht door frontman Mika Lahti in 2008 in Vaasa. De band staat bekend om hun unieke mix van electro, hardcore en metalcore evenals hun vermakelijke en energieke liveshows waar werkelijk alles kan gebeuren.

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