MikiGold  / Fatoosan

MikiGold / Fatoosan

Fatoosan en Mikigold draaien back to back de nacht in.
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MikiGold is gefascineerd door jazz en bossa nova, soul en hiphop, afrobeat en future beats. Ze was medeoprichter van SUPAFLY collective.

"I once needed a new turntable and instead I bought two (and got a free mixer on top of it!). That was 2008. Shortly after I made a demo and won a slot at the 10 Days Off festival. I joined the awesome Supafly Collective, which gave me the chance to focus more on my love for hiphop. Since then I played as an opening act for Zap Mama, Dilated Peoples, Jedi Mind Tricks, Us3, Antipop Consortium, Speech Debelle, Moka Only, Yarah Bravo, Eternia (+ DJ for her show), Rita J... and I had the pleasure of playing in clubs all over Belgium as well as Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna, Hamburg, Warsaw & Gdansk."

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Fatoosans sets dekken een grote lading aan genres. Van hiphop, naar R&B, langs soul, tot house en veel meer.  Dit alles doet ze ook geregeld voor Kiosk radio en Bruzz. Ze stond mee aan het begin van voormalig SUPAFLY collective.

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