505 - Concerts for Humanity

505 - Concerts for Humanity

'505 - Concerts for Humanity' bring connection and solidarity to Antwerp on May 5th

A powerful message of unity and solidarity resonates in our country with the announcement of "505 - Concerts for Humanity". This initiative, organized by a group of engaged citizens from various backgrounds, the music world, civil society organizations, and businesses, calls for a more humane society and policy.


The organization aims for more than 20,000 people to come together in Antwerp on Sunday, May 5th, for a grand music event that highlights the power of humanity and solidarity.

Initiated by psychologist and author Elisabeth Van Lierop, who has been working on sustainability for years, her husband Tijs Delbeke, musician with bands like Balthazar and Warhaus, and Els Hertogen, director of 11.11.11 and foremost engaged citizen and mother of three, the '505 - Concerts for Humanity' sends a powerful message to politicians, one month before the elections, for a more humane policy. Alongside numerous citizens, artists, organizations, and companies, they express the urgent need for a more humane, just, and caring policy and to make this weigh in the search for solutions for all people affected by crises such as those in Gaza, climate change, and child poverty.


With a lineup of 40 diverse artists, alternating musicians and speakers, the "505 - Concerts for Humanity" promise to be a rich and diverse musical experience for a broad audience. ‘505 - Concerts for Humanity’ will be a momentum for and by citizens, for a united ‘together-society’.

Many well-known names have confirmed their participation, including Bart Peeters, Portland, Laura Tesoro, Absynthe Minded, Stan Van Samang, Selah Sue, Noémie Wolfs, Zimmerman, Wannes Cappelle, Faisal, Miss Angel, and a wide range of talents including Elisabeth Lucie Baeten, Hind Eljadid, and Jaouad Alloul. Many other names will be announced soon.


The three initiators are not organizing the '505 - Concerts for Humanity' alone. The heart of this initiative is the common will of citizens, businesses, and organizations to come together and make a difference. Fifty organizations, including 11.11.11, DEE Sound & Light, Network against Poverty, Movement.net, De Roma, Toneelhuis, Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen, ACLVB, De Singel, Climate Coalition, Sensoa, çavaria, Chiro Youth Flanders, Christian Mutualité, Bond Beter Leefmilieu, Oxfam Belgium, and Femma have already joined the event on May 5th. The initiators call on organizations and companies to join in the coming weeks and demand a just world together with citizens and the music world, where humanity is central.

Further lineup and event details will be announced soon. But one thing is clear: "505 - Concerts for Humanity" will not only be a musical tour de force, it is a powerful statement for a world based on humanity and compassion. If you cannot attend, endorse the manifesto as an individual or organization via the website and send a signal that there is broad support for a solidarity and humane policy.


  • Date & time: Sunday, May 5th, 2024, 1pm - 9pm
  • Location: Antwerp - location will be announced later
  • Access: The '505 - Concerts for Humanity' are free. However, since there are costs associated with organizing this event, people have the opportunity to make a voluntary contribution via 505concerts.be to help make '505 - Concerts for Humanity' possible. These funds will be used to finance the production costs of the event.