In #GEKELDERD we take you through our workplace, from the creation process of one of our Artists in Residence to workshops, camps and more


In this #GEKELDERD​​ we take you into the ins and outs of our workplace.

The summer of 2023 was crazy! With more than 4 camps, 25 workshops and a creation process for young people (Track East), our workshop was bursting with young talent. You can discover how that worked in this Gekelderd!

_____ Music: David Numwami - Beats
Video direction & editing: Maarten Dascotte
Special thanks to Sarah Pepels, Tsar B, Chaima en Ano4will


In #GEKELDERD​​ we take you through the creation process of one of our Artists in Residence. This time: Little Crack & Butcher.

Evil, angry, evil, not pleasant or unkind. The duo Kleine Crack & Slagter come from the anna (Antwerp) and are part of the Dutch label Burning Fik (Faberyayo & Abel). They themselves are working on the collective VHS. And they represent everything that has to do with dark and gloomy. As residents in Trix, they try to bring out the quality of their work and work on new projects that prepare them for a promising summer of 2023.

_____ Music: Kleine Crack & Slagter
Video direction & editing: Maarten Dascotte
Special thanks to Ray Fuego & Bubonic



Sound Track – an opportunity parcours of VI.BE and the live sector – crowned 18 artists as laureates of the 2021-2022 edition last year. During the Antwerp final in Trix, 8 artists gave their very best to prove that they really are the sound of tomorrow. After weeks of preparation full of coaching, PA rehearsals and feedback, the jury finally chose 3 Antwerp laureates: Meltheads, Porcelain ID and BLUAI. They started an intensive 'track': a tailor-made trajectory in 2022 in Trix. You can discover all about it in this Gekelderd XL.



WALLYN = a dancing music band. A queer utopia. A gender release party.

Choreographers Betty Mansion and Malik Zaryaty, along with a horde of dancers, triumph over their entire bodies to the beats and voice of Jan Wallyn, a dedicated performance artist who conveys a lived message on gender and queer topics. Together, the movement and music give birth to a new series of tracks. Behind the drums and synths, Sam Renascent does not go unnoticed. While standing, it single-handedly whips the rhythm into a higher gear. Alix Stessel's costumes are loosely inspired by an imaginary emancipation of the queer power rangers. When everything comes together, there is no longer any doubt: the cubicle-free utopia is here and now. And that includes everyone.


VAAGUE is the project of Antoine Pierre, (jazz) drummer and composer, who you know from TaxiWars, Philip Catherine and URBEX. Surrounded by his own unique android of drums and electronics, Antoine Pierre expands his already wide musical spectrum with VAAGUE. For this brand new solo project, the Brussels-based drummer and producer created a collection of samples to melt organically - and manually! - with own drum grooves. He temporarily resided in Trix for the preparation of the light show and his live performance at We Are Open 2022.


MONOMONO is an electronic music duo that creates dark post-electro, uniting lush sounds with experimental vox, violin, synths and electronic beats. The duo finds inspiration in the deconstruction of different forms of communication, both digital and analog and investigates what a female narrative can mean in our current society. During their Trix residency MONOMONO will enter into a number of collaborations with artists and musicians. At the beginning of 2022 they will invite Phil Max Schöll to create an audiovisual show together. Later in the year, MONOMONO enters the studio to work on new material and collaborate with various musicians.


Psychonaut is the three-headed 'Divine Monster' from Mechelen that reconciles 70's heroes such as Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd with the sound of Amenra and Tool. These are all solid live bands, so it will come as no surprise that Psychonaut also gives serious shit on stage.

Their debut, Unfold The God Man, was released a week before the first lockdown via Pelagic Records, the record label of musical soul mates The Ocean. It was therefore impossible to really unpack with the record, but standing still is going backwards: Psychonaut is forging dark plans for a new album in our basement. You can discover how that works in this #Gekelderd with features by Andries Beckers, Sam Coussens and Victor Jacobs.


Things have gone incredibly fast for Miss Angel in the past two years: from slam poetry shows in Antwerp to a packed meadow at Rock Werchter. Tracks like 'Ghetto Superstar', 'Money Making Mami' and 'All Of The Shmoke' quickly turned her into another Lil' Kim or Left Eye Lisa. In addition to her own songs, she confirms that the Antwerp is more than a row of impressive comparisons with features on tracks by KRANKk and Le Motel, striking live sessions and projects with the FOMU, among others.

As Artist in Residence, Miss Angel spends a lot of time in our studio. She wants to find a consistent workflow there to be able to release a track on a regular basis. You can discover how she experiments with this in this #Gekelderd, with features from Black Mamba, Blu Samu and Yaqine Hamzaoui


Every Monday of February, Leen Diependael from Samowar invited an intriguing musician to make music together for one day. It was wonderful, because Roos Rebergen (Roosbeef), Johannes Genard (School Is Cool), Lennert Coorevits (Compact Disk Dummies) and Dienne Bogaerts (Lili Grace) passed through Leen's rehearsal room in Trix! You can discover how that worked in this #Gekelderd.


Glints is the project of Jan Maarschalk Lemmens, a musician with a lot of love for heartfelt music and language. With the singles 'Bugatti' and 'Lemonade Money', Glints can already write some nice hits to his list of achievements. And Abattoir Anvers, an ex-halal slaughterhouse in the South of Antwerp, is so much more than the home of him, Yong Yello and Faisal, among others. It is a multidisciplinary platform, a radio show on Studio Brussel and the place where this #Kelderd was mainly recorded. In Trix he writes new work together with Faisal and others.


You'll be forgiven if you think KRANKk is from England. With their mix of grimey basslines, Burial-inspired atmospheres and future garage beats, they sound like they were brewed in a London lock-off. But they come from Antwerp and give 2-step a crazy twist. And there's more! Live, KRANKk is a cannonball: infectiously exciting, danceable and super virtuoso.

In collaboration with CAN (Creative Accessibility Network), KRANKk is working on a 'multi-sensory live show' in Trix. A what? A show that works on all senses. So from smell to taste. They do this specifically for hearing and visually impaired people, but they also work on collaborations with various Belgian and British artists, including Miss Angel, Martha Da'Ro and Dvtch Norris.


Rare Akuma kicked off his residency in Trix early this year with a club night stunner: Hellraiser phase 2. At that point, his production credits were already shining under tracks by Zwangere Guy and $uicideboy$ and his songs had been streaming millions of times.

Since then, Akuma has taken over our studio and is working on a new album dirtytwominus, full of new ideas, friends and potential features such as Yung Mavu and Tsar B. It turned out to be a perfect period for some studio sessions, because performing was not really an option at that point.