'Absolute Beginners': summer workshops

'Absolute Beginners': summer workshops



Absolute Beginners is back! For the fourth year in a row we are organizing 'Absolute Beginners': a series of workshops for everyone who wants to taste music in a safe environment, whether you want to take your first steps in producing, are interested in music journalism or have long been dreaming of your own band.

Throughout the summer holidays, Absolute Beginners takes over Trix every Wednesday from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Often up to three workshops take place in the building at the same time. The ideal time to meet like-minded creative souls!

In addition, there will be three longer workshops in which you will delve deeper into the themes 'Lighting technology', 'PA & Sound technology' or learn screen printing during a full day from 10:00 to 17:00.

Every workshop costs between €10 and €20. The longer ones cost €35. We offer concession spots to anyone in need of them. Please send us an email

All courses will take place in small groups of 9 to 15 people. 

Do you have a question about any of our workshops? Send us a DM via Facebook or Instagram, or message us on Whatsapp via 0468 21 35 63!


July 3 〜 Learning to produce with Tsar B
July 3 〜 Lighting technology with Kato Ooms (Lander & Adriaan)
July 3 〜 Learning to organize with Mathilde Luijten (NUISANCE)
July 10 〜 PA & Sound Technology with Aude Vanheste
July 10 〜 Home recording with Aiko Devriendt
Jul 17 〜 Make your own beats with Rare Akuma
July 17 〜Become a tour manager with Auck Schrover (Kids with Buns)
July 17 〜 Write your own lyrics with Porcelain ID
July 24 〜 Learn to Mix Your Tracks with Aram Santy
July 24 〜 Storytelling in video with Charlotte De Cort
July 31 〜 Songwriting with beats, with Stien Bovijn (Piffy)
July 31 〜 Social Media for artists with Gaëlle Vanhaverbeke (Busker)
August 7, 〜 Learn to DJ with Lolalita
August 7 〜 Singing techniques with Jazz Sanusi
August 14 〜 Screen printing with Maureen Pieters (Mojo Prints)
August 14 〜 Spoken word & slam poetry with Michiko Lii
August 14 〜 Songwriting with Sarah Pepels
August 21 〜 Release your own music with Florian Meersman (Toverberg)
August 21〜 Stage presence with Sietse Willems (Meltheads)
August 28 〜 Music photography with Daria Miasoedova (Ancienne Belgique)
August 28 〜 Rapping & rap lyrics with Deadbeat Larry
August 28 〜 Get your music to the right people with Ineke Daans [PIAS]


Trix strives to be an inclusive place where there is absolutely no room for any form of hate or discrimination.

/ Artwork by Nina Vandeweghe 
/ Absolute Beginners is inspired by London's First Timers