(Concert) Photographers for Palestine: a collective call to action

(Concert) Photographers for Palestine: a collective call to action

"Music is one of the most profound expressions of humanity. Music fans share the beauty of this world in its purest form during live performances, where we feel connected with a group of strangers through our shared experience. Nevertheless, when we look at what’s currently happening in the Middle East there seem to be plenty of profound human failures too."

"That is why a collective of photographers working for Belgian music institutions want to extend love to the people on the Gaza Strip who are currently suffering an unimaginable tragedy. The (Concert) Photographers for Palestine aim to raise money by sharing moments of unity.

We invite all fellow music lovers to contribute to verified humanitarian organisations dedicated to providing relief for the Palestinians. In return we will send you a digital concert photo of your choosing. As these works are all shot by professional (and very talented) photographers, its high quality will allow you to print it as large as you want. Frame it and turn it into the centrepiece of your living room or spoil a music fan on their birthday.

We urge fellow melomans to use your power to speak out. Let’s demand an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. However tiny our actions may seem compared to this tragedy, each effort contributes to a collective plea for peace.

Want to discover which pictures are up for grabs? Or want to join the cause as a photographer? You can find all the information on our campaign website: (Concert) Photographers for Palestine."

Photographers for Palestine

Supported by Ancienne Belgique, Trix and Het Depot.