Open Call: Become a graphic resident in Trix!

We are looking for graphic residents for our (screen printing) studio SPOOR

Trix continuously selects interesting artists to develop a project. We give them space, a work table, a vibrant network, internet and screen printing infrastructure. The term of the residency depends on your needs.

Would you like to become a graphics resident? Submit your proposal here before January 7, 2024:


Important things to keep in mind when submitting:
- Make sure that you, as a potential resident, have a targeted project to work on.
- Knowledge of screen printing is a plus, but not a must. Being interested is.
- Let us know what you would need to realize this project: for example a workplace, network, feedback, something else?
- Your project has a clear endpoint.
- A residency lasts maximum one year, depending on your project.

SPOOR is a shared space

SPOOR stands at the crossroads between image and music, a space where musicians screen prints, illustrators and designers exchange mix tapes and visual artists crawl out of the depths of the studio to shape an LP. SPOOR specializes primarily in screen printing. It is a laboratory for experiment, where connection, exchange and creation are central.

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