Daisy Ray / Eosine

Daisy Ray / Eosine

Emerging talent from both sides of the language border introduce themselves to the general public.

After a first edition, Entree, organized by young students, is ready to once again cross musical and language boundaries and crush it.

The recipe remains the same; two young, promising Belgian acts meet on stage: alternately one Flemish and one Walloon. Entree is moving to La Zone in Liège for this edition and remains enthusiastically homebound in Trix.

This event was selected as part of our project 'Doe Maar' in which we support young, promising organizers. Meer info

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Daisy Ray

Daisy Ray is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Brussels, her sonic universe is inspired by her love for energetic clubbing, cinematic characters and Dub. 


Eosine is a Belgian rock quartet founded by Elena Lacroix. Inspired by the noisy yet sometimes ethereal soundings of shoegaze, Eosine’s songs can flow into some progressive structures, still driven by chiseled vocals harmonies or openhearted melodies.

The band won the first price of the Concours Circuit 2022. Their forthcoming EP "Coralline" mixed and mastered by Mark Gardener will be released during Spring 2023.

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