Seven Belgian bands that are housed at Noisesome (Management - Recordings) are celebrating the 15th anniversary of this office in a grand way.

These are some big names, which makes the poster quite impressive. So feel free to say indoor minifestival to this well-filled concert evening.

Because we can all blow out those fifteen candles together in the autumn, we go big with full sets of all seven bands in the Zaal and Club alternately. So don't expect heavily shortened sets but full shows from top Belgian bands, some of which will perform on stage with brand new material.

For the occasion, an exclusive and super-limited compilation cassette "15 Years Noisesome" will be released with tracks from all bands. A nice gadget that the first 150 buyers of a ticket get for free.

And what would a party night be without an afterparty with DJ Eppo Janssen? So we arranged that too, so going home early will not be an option either. Especially for people with a keen drive and a great desire to get up and move around with a half-shaken beer in their hand.

/ TIME SCHEDULE (doors open at 7pm)
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If you definitely want to see a certain act in the Trix Club, we recommend that you secure your spot in that location on time. Due to the smaller capacity, there is a possibility that it will be closed at a certain time (due to full).

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Equal Idiots

Garagerock/punk gespeeld door 2 ideale schoonzonen.

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There are multiple bands called Sons. First one is a punkrock band from Antwerp, Belgium. They won Studio Brussels "Nieuwe Lichting" in 2018. Read more on their website: http://vi.be/sons Second one is an American Christian rockband. Playing with a poetic message and delivering it with power, SONS have created a masterful sound filled with highs and lows – polarizing swings that mirror the beauty of life’s struggle and redemption. Led by multi-talented Aaron Newberry, SONS have spent the last four years manufacturing a gracious grassroots following on an empty budget. Their explosive ‘The Genesis Prologue EP’ surpassed 10,000 downloads, and their debut album, with a release date yet to be determined, was funded completely by preorders. Over 7,000 dollars raised purely on anticipation. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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High Hi


Hypochristmutreefuzz is gevormd in de lente van 2011. De demo die hier te beluisteren is, is slechts een blauwdruk van wat je live te wachten staat. Vliegende cymbalen, brullende boren, no-inputmix en dingen die geen naam hebben passeren de revue. Zappa meets punk zei iemand ons, neo-zunk zeggen wij. Naar de - spijtig genoeg - teloorgegane "zunk"band "Hockypockyicecreamwithmorrissirupandketchupband" uit de jaren '80 (de enige opnames zijn ritueel verbrand en ergens in Korbeek-Dijle begraven). Hypochristmutreefuzz on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License and may also be available under the GNU FDL.

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Psycho 44

Psycho 44 is a stoner/garage rock band with electronic influences that hail from Antwerp, Belgium. The band’s biggest inspirations are DFA 1979, Barkmarket, QOTSA, Kaiser Forte and Team America. After reaching the finals of HUMO’s Rock Rally in 2010, they self-released their debut EP “Demon” in 2011 that was produced by Triggerfinger’s Mr Paul. The first tracks of that EP, “All My Demons Have Distortion” & “My Gomorrah” both scored well in the Studio Brussel’s listener’s chart, De Afrekening. In support of this EP they toured through Belgium and The Netherlands. At the start of 2012, Psycho 44 began writing their debut album. Recordings with producer Stéphane Misseghers (dEUS & Soulwax) started in February at the Jet Studios. In April the band went to London to mix the record with Adam Noble, who’s currently also producing and mixing the upcoming Placebo record. In the run of 2013 Psycho 44 played support shows for Queens of the Stone Age, Palma Violets and John Coffey. Their debut album Suburban Guide To Springtide was released in 2013 on PIAS Recordings. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Ila equals unique vocals and gripping instrumentals. Their latest single "All Again" is a prime example of the band's singular sound. 


Mintzkov is a Belgian alternative rock band. After the tight and straightforward sounding ‘360°’ album, Mintzkov intended to open up their music a little more. On their third full length recording, ‘Rising Sun, Setting Sun’, the fivesome from Antwerp reaches out for a more streamlined and more dance floor orientated sound, in which the role of keyboard player Pascal Oorts has become more prominent. “What we were after was a little more movement within the songs”, singer and guitarist Philip Bosschaerts explains. “Or rather: a different kind of movement.” The new album was recorded with Jagz Kooner, a British producer whose services were previously called upon by the likes of Primal Scream, Kasabian, New Order and Reverend & The Makers. Kooner, a one time member of Sabres of Paradise and a prolific dj and remixer in his own right, heard a Mintzkov demo at his manager’s office and was drawn to the “undercurrent of Krautrock” in their music. In the studio he basically tried to emphasize the anthemic qualities in Mintzkov’s songs. His advice was: “If you have a great chorus, then don’t hide it at the tail end of a track”. Still the band regularly caused him to raise his eyebrows. The 5/4 signature of ‘The Simple Future’ or the downright weird structure of ‘Roadbuilding’ caught him slightly off balance. Gradually a lack of understanding made way for admiration. One thing to remember about Mintzkov is their songs need some getting used to. And to give him credit, Jagz Kooner made some very useful suggestions during the recording process. Although ‘Opening Fire’ originally presented itself as a fairly abstract, epic tune, he managed to uncover the concise pop song that lay dormant in it. He also convinced the band that ‘Gemini’, the quiet track that closes off the album, worked better in its stripped down guise than with layered instrumentation. Another of Mintzkov’s principal assets is the gorgeous sounding harmony of Bosschaerts’ singing with bass player Lies Lorquet. The latter can also be heard as a guest vocalist on the latest albums by dEUS and The Go Find. Philip Bosschaerts’ lyrics are no linear stories. Instead you could compare them to a carefully woven tapestry of images and metaphors. But as you listen to ‘Rising Sun, Setting Sun’, it does not take long before certain themes start rising to the surface. The singer, who recently celebrated his thirtieth birthday, seems to be obsessed with the passing of time and crossing borders. There is also a huge amount of acceptance and resignation in the songs. “You shouldn’t waste any time or energy on things in life you cannot change anyway”, Bosschaerts says. The artwork of the album was made by Kati Heck, a German visual artist currently living in Antwerp whose work can be seen in museums and art galleries all over the world. She made some drawings for the booklet and authorized the band to reproduce her painting ‘Fratzenpleite’ on the cover of ‘Rising Sun, Setting Sun’. Mintzkov is: Philip Bosschaerts : Vocals & Guitar Lies Lorquet: Bass & Vocals Pascal Oorts: Keyboards Daan Scheltjens: Guitar Min Chull Vansteenkiste: Drums

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