Fleddy Melculy ^b^
/ Knives To A Gunfight

Fleddy Melculy

With the telling EP '...And just nothing for all' Fleddy Melculy says goodbye to the pandemic for good, live and loud!

/ 7.30 pm: doors open
/ 8.10 pm - 8.40 pm: Knives To A Gunfight
/ 9.10 pm - 10.30 pm: Fleddy Melculy

For fans of

Toxic Shock / Bliksem / Brides of Lucifer

Fleddy Melculy b

Fleddy Melculy is a Belgian metal/hardcore band who debuted in January 2016 with the song TShirt van Metallica. After gaining popularity quite fast through Belgian news/entertainment websites they released their first EP Wat de Fok? in February 2016. The band describes itself as "being born from Lars Ulrich and Lita Ford and after a confrontation with Dimebag Darrell's ghost they set out for their quest of world domination." Their new album 'Sabbath Fleddy Sabbath' was released in 2020. 


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Knives To A Gunfight be

The Antwerp hardcore band Knives to a Gunfight released their debut album 'Nomad' in 2016. Nomad consists of five fantastic tracks, right from the first note you are immersed in the typical Knives To A Gunfight atmosphere.

The band has played several times on Graspop, that says enough!

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