Dokter Trix: free one-on-one sessions with experts


Get one-on-one advice from the best experts in the music sector.

Is there a doctor in the room? Yes, several! Do you have a specific question about promotion, management, finance, bookings, playing opportunities or do you need some feedback? Consult the best experts from the music sector and have a one-on-one conversation!

All sessions take place on Wednesday afternoons from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM. A session can be booked for free and lasts 20 minutes!


Future consultations:

10 April 2024 — Kickstart your music career
with Katrijn Vermoesen (Musickness), Sami Abdou (Top Notch, Noah's Ark), Sarah Amlal (Universal Music) & Gilles De Bruycker (Fake Records)

17 April 2024 — Play your first gigs
with Tess Pauwels (Live Nation), Lize Vanrusselt (Rockoco, Sardien), Joyce Jenny Loir (Ancienne Belgique) & Philippe Van Leuven (BANDWERK)

24 April 2024 — Manage your money
with Silke Bergans en Lucas Declercq (VI.BE) & Michael-John Joosen (Amplo)


Past consultations:

29 November 2023  Find your audience
with Tina Herbots (Rockoco), Sami Abdou (Top Notch, Noah's Ark), Amélie Van Hoorebeke (Les Fabuleux), Lotte De Block (Sony Music)

22 November 2023  Get noticed by the industry
with Ineke Daans ([PIAS]), Joyce Jenny Loir (Ancienne Belgique), Ilka Bardijn (Musickness), Femke Hintjens (Bumaye)

15 November 2023  Pitch your music
with Charline D'hoore (Archie X, Pommelien Thijs), Aili Maruyama (Aili), Tim De Gieter (Doodseskader, Amenra), PICVSSO (Dikke, Freddie Konings)

8 November 2023  Manage your money
with Silke Bergans (VI.BE) & Michael-John Joosen (Amplo)

3 May 2023 — Manage your money
with Gwen Vanderreyd (Fameus), Lucas Declercq (VI.BE) & Katrijn Vermoesen (Musickness)

26 April 2023 — Play your first gigs
with Robbert Vanderzande (Pukkelpop), Tomas Michelena (Busker), Natalia Zabkar (Live Nation), Shamisa Debroey (De Singel)

19 April 2023 — Kickstart your music career
with Selene Alexa (management Blck Mamba), Lut Hendrix (Bestov), Kimberley Haesendonck (Sony Music) & Ali Essellak (Warner Music, Sleck Management)