Jazz Sanusi

Jazz Sanusi is a Belgian independent artist who, for the longest time, could only be heard on live stages but finally made her way to recording music. She grew up with an undeniable love for music, an old soul that gravitated toward Jazz and Rhythm & Blues.

Today, she fuses that profound love of HipHop, Rnb and Soul into her own sound. Her music sees universal themes colliding with unique experiences. Finding inspiration in introspection, whatever defies stereotypes with genuineness, she's a singer-songwriter filling each room with comfort, understanding and good energy. Audiences who got to experience her music in Antwerp renowned venues like Arenberg or DeRoma would gladly confirmed, while her intimate art piece at the Fotomuseum's Nightwatch 2022 left a mark on many hearts.

At Trix, she is diving into her live repertoire of the past years and finally making it her first EP. Collaborating with emerging talents to finetune and explore her sound through writercamps while testing the waters with multiple vocalists.

© Tina Herbots

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