Kaat Van Stralen

By definition, Kaat Van Stralen does not like to be pushed into a corner. Started as a timid solo project, Kaat Van Stralen was screen-printed into a genre-transcending punk band format with Melvin Slabbinck (drums), Luca Fazioli (guitar), Faust De Vogelaere (bass), and Kaat herself (vocals).

Strict but fair, Kaat calls out all genres: post-punk, psychedelic, alternative spoken word... Expect: heated cabaret noise, crunching beats, snappy guitar riffs and pompous bass. With influences from acts like Wet Leg, Laïs, as well as Fiona Apple - but loud and in Dutch.

As a resident in Trix, Kaat will work on new music as well as on her live set.

© Tina Herbots

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