/ The Love


In February 2023, Ramkot's debut album was released, which they will present with a banger of a live show in Trix!

/ 19u30: doors
/ 20u15 - 20u45: The Love
/ 21u15 - 22u15: Ramkot

For fans of

Queens of the Stone Age / The Raconteurs / Millionaire / Soulwax / De Staat / Triggerfinger / STAKE


The Love

In half a century of popmusic nobody had the guts to call their band ‘The Love’, until now. The Love is the lovechild of Bob Belmans who after a lifetime in the dark finally takes his place in the spotlight. Like a shaggy Roy Orbison he seduces you with his silky voice to take you with him to the dark caverns of nasty garage-rock and deranged 60s soul.

He gathered experienced forces of the Belgian underground around him, known from bands as The Sore Losers, The Shalalees and The Prospects. They went to the mountains and came back two days later with ten songs about love and life, all recorded in one tumultuous weekend. Expect excitement, expect a mess, expect realness.

Their debut album ‘Come on and feel the love’ will be released may 2023. Now there is "Donna", a first single with lots of guitars, heartbreak and Donna Pinciotti

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